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Napkins & Tablecovers

Established in 1892, we are the UK market leader manufacturer of paper napkins and tablecovers, specialists in providing the full quality and colour spectrum required by the caterer, plus bespoke print. 

All of our napkins are made from FSC® certified paper, with our 1 and 2 ply white options made from 100% recycled paper. We are the only UK company to offer this. 

We make 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply napkins and our linen replacement Swansoft® Airlaid which are our high quality linen feel napkins. Swansoft is soft and strong, a luxury and hygienic low cost alternative to linen. Our Swansoft napkins also enhance any table setting when paired with our range of Airlaid slipcovers, tablecovers and banqueting rolls. They offer excellent feel and drape and are perfect for all uses from breakfasts to conferences, outside catering and fine dining. All Swansoft is made from FSC® certified paper, in addition Swansoft white is also compostable. 

We stock a wide variety of colours and sizes, and make bespoke printed designs to enhance your own brand. Our UK design team can quickly bring your design to life and of course, as all our napkins are UK made, the lead time from order to delivery is short and we will keep in touch with you along the way. 

Dispenser napkins are one of the largest parts of our business as they help cut down usage, whilst also hygienically delivering napkins to your customers. 

We have a variety of dispenser napkin sizes, formats and dispensers. For more detailed information please see the separate Dispenser section. 

As a response to the demand for less handling of products we have introduced napkins with a neat pocket for cutlery. Made from the same material as our luxury Swansoft napkins these are available in a wide variety of colours – perfect for safe clean and fast table setting.


We manufacture tablecovers in three qualities:


Swansilk is our wipe clean tablecoverings assortment. With its’ practical wipe clean surface on a paper backing for better drape, products made from Swansilk both look good, are reusable several times and protect the table underneath.


We also offer paper tablecovers and banqueting rolls, as the lowest cost alternative. Our hard wearing paper is available in white and red and is perfect for all outside catering or party occasions.


Swansoft is our luxury linen replacement option. Made from thick airlaid tissue, it has a wonderful linen feel and look and also complements our Swansoft napkins. 

Swansoft is a perfect low cost option for conference and banqueting facilities, combining luxury feel, hygienic use and low cost whilst avoiding expensive and cumbersome linen contracts or laundry.

Both Swansilk and Swansoft are available in a variety of colours as Slipcovers 90cm x 90cm, Tablecovers 120 x 120cm and as Banqueting rolls.

Dispenser napkins

Dispenser napkins offer a hygienic, cost effective and environmentally friendly way of serving napkins to customers. Dispensed one at a time, there is less wastage and less handling of the product to ensure lowest cost in use. 

Swan Mill’s dispenser napkins can also be easily handed out one by one from behind the counter without the need for a dispenser to ensure absolute control and best use of space and time. 

Napkin Dispensers in customer areas mean less napkin usage so as well as saving you money they are also good for the environment. 

We have a number of sizes available for different dispensing solutions and supply plain, print, kraft and 100% recycled options to satisfy all requirements of size and scale.

Bespoke napkins

Reinforce your brand

Reinforce your brand with bespoke napkins. Our UK design team can quickly offer design visuals for your brand, and with our UK factory , the lead time from design to production is shortened. 

From National to smaller independent businesses ,we supply bespoke solutions for napkins, coasters, and even wax paper wraps. 

Our design and marketing team can work with you to find the best solution for your business. 

Your design can be printed on a wide variety of sizes and qualities, and we offer flexible pricing depending on volumes. 

We also offer bespoke coasters, placemats, cups and other products. 

Please contact our customer sales team to discuss your project.

Environmentally friendly products

At Swan Mill we are committed to protecting the environment  and we strive to improve the effect our products have on it. We do this by where at all  possible replacing products with alternatives made from eco friendly materials, and by constantly searching for greener solutions which will help to promote our desire for a more sustainable future. 

Whether it’s our 100% recycled napkins, our Swantex Green product collection or how we make, package and ship our products we continuously strive to ensure they are as eco friendly as possible whilst still satisfying the need they are purchased for. 

All our Swantex Green products have been developed to replace single use plastic products and where applicable are FSC® certified. The growing Swantex Green collection includes Vegan approved paper straws, wooden cutlery and wooden stirrers, all produced using FSC® certified material, and Bagasse tableware and serving boxes.  

In addition, all Swantex Green products are compostable which is incredibly important to help protect our planet.

Catering Disposables

Our comprehensive range of Catering Disposables is designed to offer our customers a One Stop disposables shop – combining the napkins and tablecovers which we make in the UK with a market leading selection of paper plates, bagasse plates and food boxes, candles, tray mats, paper straws, wooden cutlery, recyclable drinkware, coasters, doileys, paper coffee cups and many other Catering Disposable products. 

Plus, many can be personalised for your brand. 

Please get in touch for more details and, if we do not have it in stock, our expert procurement team can source it for you.

PPE: Gloves and Masks

Offered for many years by our Cash & Carry supplies division, gloves and masks are now available through our Catering range . We stock PE, TPE and Vinyl gloves along with face masks so that our customers can safely serve their guests. 

TPE gloves have only been recently introduced and offer a cheaper alternative to Vinyl gloves, whilst maintaining the same level of safety and comfort.

To view our Cash and Carry , and Caroline Retail  Disposables range see link below.