• July 18, 2013 

       Swan Mill is delighted to have been named for the second year in a row in the Sunday Times International Track 200, which was published on 7th July 2013.


    This influential list measures mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales and Swan Mill came 76th delivering 61.50% growth in 2 years ending March 2012.

    This recognition shows the strength and diversity of the Swan Mill Group and the success of Swantex Asia in markets around the world supported by the UK operation.

    Swantex Asia continues to show great growth with customers such as Primark, Sainsbury, Wilkinsons, Woolworths Australia and Target and is now exporting to countries including Canada, Germany, UK, South Africa and Iraq.  Swan Mill also continues to export product from both Swanley and Wales.


    In addition, Swantex Asia has started a brand called ‘Daisy Darcy’ ( selling innovative home baking products such as cupcake cases, cake stands, boxes and toppers designed by our studio in Wales. This has the market beating proposition that the product is in stock and available directly from our factory in China, allowing customers not to have to worry about MOQs, design, packaging and lead-times.


    ‘Daisy Darcy’ comes on the back of our huge growth in home baking products, with Swantex Asia selling over 150 million cupcake cases last year plus domestic sales to the likes of Tesco, Primark and Wilkinsons.

    Swantex Asia also supports the rest of the group importation activities out of the Orient with QA and sourcing and is now self financing having been set up under 5 years ago.


    More information can be found here





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